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10 Wheeler Hummer as Your Prom Limo

You only get one senior prom night right? Well hopefully - doesn't the thought of having to go back and do your final year of school all over again just make you sick!? But yes, you may have gotten to go to a junior prom, or maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend goes to a different school and you went to their prom, as a date.

However, you really only get one chance to celebrate your big prom night, the culmination of all of your hard work throughout your high school career, and a chance to let go of the stress of the year and enjoy the bliss which comes with ignorance of the world outside of school. So how are you going to make your celebrations at the party to end all parties something really special? How are you going to make your prom night and the end of school memorable? How are you going to make sure you not only have a great time, but are the envy of all of your classmates as well?

Do you feel that stress creeping back? Well we can help you quash it right now because we have something which will solve all of these problems and more and that is the Terminator 2 stretch limousine. That's right, a completely themed stretch limousine which can take you and 15 of your closest friends to prom night, guaranteeing you the night of your young lives.

Now you're probably imagining that a Terminator 2 themed limousine is going to look pretty tough right? But you have no idea how tough because the ten wheeler Hummer T2 is the only one of its kind in the UK and you've never seen anything like it before. Yes, that's right, for a start it has ten wheels, and that's almost the same number of flat screen TVs you'll find inside too. Plus there are three separate bars decorated with fibre optic lights, full sound system, strobe lighting and even a karaoke system to get the party started.

And a themed limousine wouldn't be themed without memorabilia from the actual movie and enjoying the limo ride to prom with you will be the Terminator's robotic head, and displayed in a glass case is his robotic arm and hand.

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