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Advice for Not Having a Prom Date.

So prom is getting closer and closer and you still don't have a date. All the nice girls are taken and you don't know anyone else you would want to take. And anyway, you don't want to take just anyone, or someone you don't really like, or get along with because neither of you will enjoy the night, and prom night is all about letting loose at the end of school and having a great time.

So you don't have a prom date and you're fine with that, there are plenty of other people in your class who don't have a date either. But you still want to have a good time at your prom, but you probably won't if you go there and back in a limo full of couples. So instead of sharing your prom limousine with a group of couples, organise a singles limousine and you will forget all about not having a prom date.

When you are organising a prom limo for all of your single friends, you can be more daring and exciting in your limo choices as these are your friends and you, and they, don't have to worry about upsetting an important date, or about impressing their date with the biggest and most expensive limousine of the night.

Instead you and your friends can hire any limousine you want and because there's a group of you, you can easily spilt the cost and hire a Hummer limousine in whatever colour takes your fancy, or you can hire a party bus like the Lincoln Navigator with a full bar, strobe lights and even a dance floor if you want.

Prom night is all about having a great time and leaving school in style, enjoying the freedom of being a student and the independence of becoming an adult, all at the same time. So make sure that you have a great night by hiring a prom limo party bus for you and your single friends, and you never know, a girl you used to call friend may just catch your eye when she's all dolled up for prom and having a great time because of your inspired singles prom idea.

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