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Celebrity Limousines.

While limousines are often the choice for transport of the stars and celebrities, the limousines themselves often also make it into the movies too.

The Ford LTD or Luxury Trim limousine has had it's time in the spotlight. The LTD featured in the movie Men In Black and was the car that Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith used to get to where the bad guys needed blasting.

In the most recent Blues Brothers movie, Blues Brothers 2000, a 1990 Ford LTD was dressed up as a police car and completed some very impressive stunts throughout the movie. You will also see several 1980s Ford LTDs in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, where the taxis and police cars are based on the early LTD models.

When it comes to getting around town, the stars don't scrimp on their rides. The Maybach 62 limousine, with seats likened to first class airline seats which also fold down, is driven by Madonna, ex Arsenal captain Thierry Henry and the Formula One tycoon Bernie Ecclestone.

Cadillacs are also very popular with the stars and were a particular favourite of Elvis Presley. Elvis loved the cars so much that in 1975 he bought eleven Cadillacs and gave them out to his close friends and family.

While we don't all have friends as generous as Elvis, you can get a closer look at these limousines favoured by the stars right here in the UK. You can even hire a limousine of your own for the day and cruise around town, go to the theatre, have a punt at the races and pretend you too are a celebrity for a day.

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