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Prom Chauffeur Car Hire.

As a limousine chauffeur you probably see all kinds of passengers every day, with varying degrees of respect for you and visions of their own importance. However, working as a chauffeur for students on their way to prom is a completely different experience and you need to make sure you are sensitive to their different needs and their different experiences of limo hire.

For a start, this will be the first time many of your prom passengers have been in a limousine, so not only do you want to make it a positive experience so they will keep coming back, you also need to be sensitive to their nerves about their big prom night, and their nerves about riding in such a unique and stylish limousine.

Therefore, make sure there is no doubt about what is expected of your prom goers as limousine passengers. For example, make sure you are always there first to open the door so they know they don't have to, and explain all of the gadgets and accessories in the back of the limousine that they can use, so they know they are allowed.

You also need to realise that while a prom limousine is not usually the most expensive limo in your fleet, and the students have split the cost amongst their group, prom limo hire is still a substantial expense for them so make sure they feel like they are getting their money's worth, and don't feel like small fries' who don't belong in such a classy limo.

This also means that you need to not be condescending to your prom passengers, and instead treat them as you would your most powerful or influential passengers. This will not only ensure that the students have a great time in their prom limo, but also that they will remember your service and come back whenever they need a limousine again.

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