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Private Prom Limo.

Prom night is just about the biggest date you will ever have in your life and if you want it to be an extra special night for you and your special girl then you will have gone all out for her. Not only will you have checked on the colour of her dress to match her corsage and your cravat, but you will also have gotten yourself a spiffy new suit, shined your shoes and matched your socks so that you fit the bill as your girl's Prince Charming for the night.

And of course you will have hired the best quality limousine you could to be your carriage for the evening, and you will not only have made sure the limousine and chauffeur are reliable, but also that they are clean, sparkling, and will show up on time, not late and definitely not early!

But wait, can you afford such a magnificent limousine all on your own? No? Well you need to share the cost of the limo amongst your friends and ride to prom together right? Wrong!

After all the trouble you have been to in preparing the most special and magical prom night for your girlfriend, you don't want to ruin all of your hard work by inviting all of your friends along for the ride. So you want a private limo ride but you can't afford to hire a super stretch party bus limousine all for yourself on your prom night, well don't worry.

Your prom date will be much more impressed with an intimate (i.e. smaller) prom limousine for just the two of you to enjoy together. You can hire a standard long wheelbase sedan limousine in almost any limo brand and they will have the same style, comfort and class, be driven by a professional chauffeur, and you won't have to pay for space you don't need or want.

All you have to do if sit back and relax as you are driven smoothly to your prom for the biggest night of your young life, and enjoy the brownie points you have earned in organising the most romantic night your girlfriend has ever had.

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