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Limo Hire for an Awkward Prom Date...

Prom night can be one of the most nerve wracking times of your young life, especially if you have scrounged up the courage to ask a girl to the prom - and she said yes! - and now you're faced with the prospect of spending a whole night with a girl and you don't know what you should say or do or think or do or say...!

Well calm down because we have the perfect ice breaker and a great way to impress your prom date, hire a special prom limo. Hiring a prom limo will make your date feel special, as though you have gone to a lot of effort to get her to her prom safely, on time and in style - which you have.

Also, hiring a limousine you are likely to have more space and more seats than just the two of you can fill, therefore, you can ask a few friends and their dates to share the limo ride to prom and then you are not faced with a long limo ride alone trying to think of something to say. Also, sharing a limo with a few mates and their dates makes your prom limo hire more affordable so you now have more of your prom budget left to spend on your date, and of course on getting yourself scrubbed up too.

Riding to prom in a limo will also give you a chance to quiz your chauffeur on their limousine and find out all of its unique features, work out what all of the buttons and accessories do and give yourself a good starting conversation place when you pick up your date as you can now impress her with your knowledge of your spectacular prom ride.

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