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Truck Used as Prom Transport.

Other girls go to the school prom in limousines but 16-year-old Bethany plumped for a 140 tonne Volvo truck.

Mark Farrow, of Great Yarmouth-based MDF Transport, organised the ride on behalf of his daughter.

When prom time arrived, image was everything. Others would be arriving in police cars, limos, even a riot van, but Bethany Farrow wanted something a bit bigger.

"The truck was so busy at the time, I couldn't see how she could have it for the prom," Mark says, remembering the heavy schedule of deliveries.

The Volvo is used on abnormal loads work, often transporting 50 metre long wind turbine blades.

"I offered to hire a stretch limo for her. I told her it'd be easier to get hold of a helicopter for the night!"

Luckily, though, a couple of days for cleaning and servicing coincided with the big night, and Cinderella Farrow was off to the ball.

When the truck showed up at local venue Hunter's Hall, it caused quite a stir.

Bethany, unlike her brother, has no plans to work closely with the truck in future.

"She's going back for A-Levels," says Mark proudly, "and then college. She wants to be a lawyer."

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