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Many guys want to do something special for their girlfriends. It may be your anniversary, school prom or her birthday or you may just want your girlfriend to feel as special and beautiful as you know she is. Therefore, many guys will book their girlfriend in for a photo or film shoot, so why not go the extra mile and hire a limo to pick your girlfriend up and take her to the shoot and home again. The limo can even stay and be in the photos.

When the limo picks your girlfriend up from her house, you can ask that there is a bottle of champagne waiting for you both. You will then be able to spend some time together in the limo and feel like real stars.

Your girl will then be pampered by having her hair and makeup done and being able to dress up in the latest styles of clothes and shoes all day. She will then be the centre of attention while the photographer starts snapping away and her confidence will grow as she becomes more relaxed and starts having fun. You may even want to have a couple's photo shoot so you can have professional photos of you both.

Going to a photo shoot is not something you do everyday and neither is hiring a limo. Therefore you will want to remember this day and what better way than to use your limo in your photo shoot. The photographer can pose you and your partner inside the limo, next to limo or just have it in the background but this is the time to choose a limo that will make a great photo. You can choose a pink limo if your girlfriend likes pink or even a fire engine limo to heat up the photo shoot!

The limo can then take you both home after the shoot or out to dinner or a movie to celebrate your day as celebrities. For more information about the types of limos you can hire and the packages you can choose from, contact Prom Cars now.

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