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Prom Limo and Photo Time...

When planning your prom night, one of the most important things you are thinking about is making sure you're not late, after all if you arrive late everyone else has already gone inside and no one will see your stunning entrance in your funky prom limo.

So when you book your prom limo you need to make sure you allow enough time for every possible misadventure which could hold you up. If you are planning to pick up several friends and their dates in your limo on the way to prom so you can all arrive together, it would be wise to advise the limo hire company of not only the extra travel time this will take, but also of the extra time gushing parents will take up too.

Not only will your parents want to take photo after photo of you and your prom date, and of your limo as it arrives, you inside the limo, you standing next to the limo, you looking out from the limo...but so will your friends' parents. Therefore, make sure you book with enough time to have pre-prom photos of your limo taken, without cutting into any cruising time.

Because what is the point of hiring a limo for your prom night if you don't take every opportunity to enjoy the ride? So instead of getting into the limo, rolling your eyes at the antics of your parents and heading straight to prom to make your grand entrance, booking your limo with extra photo time means you still have plenty of time to take the long way to prom and enjoy the stares of people you pass on the street and bask in their envy at your stylish chauffeur driven limo ride.

For more information about hiring a limo for your prom from a limo hire company who will make sure you have time for everything you want to do on your big night, contact Prom Cars now.

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