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Red Ferrari Prom Limo Hire.

In choosing your prom limousine you are probably considering the typical colours of black or white, pink or silver or perhaps even a combination of these or similar colours. But have you considered hiring a red limousine? No we're not talking about hiring a boxy, converted fire engine limousine for the night, what we have for you is something much smoother and sleeker - a red Ferrari stretch limousine.

That's right, only recently repainted in red, you and your prom date and the other couples you choose to share the ride with, will be some of the first people in the UK to ride in the brand new red Ferrari Modena 360 limousine. And of course red does go faster and complete the race car image you are going for when hiring a Ferrari limousine in the first place, so could you even imagine hiring a Ferrari in any other colour.

Red is also such a striking colour that your prom photos are sure to turn out brilliantly, and since you now know you'll be arriving in one of the only red limousines in the UK, and the only Ferrari limousine, you can choose a prom dress which will either match the red, coordinate - perhaps a rich plum colour, or maybe a black dress to match your partner's contrasting black suit - or you could go for an even more stunning contrast by choosing a white or metallic dress to stand out against the red.

Your prom night is all about crating memories which are unique and special to you and if you have a special place for F1 or red just happens to be your favourite colour, then your prom night is your chance to indulge those dreams and what better way to bring them to life than by arriving at your prom in the ultimate red limousine, not to mention the ultimate sports car limousine - a stretch Ferrari.

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