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Teachers Prom Limo.

Even though it has been a while since your own prom, as a teacher you get to enjoy the excitement, the nervousness, the glamour and probably a few tears from the other side - as a chaperone for your students' prom this year. While looking back your prom was not a big event in the scheme of things and the boy dramas and the wardrobe clashes will soon be outweighed by the problems of real life for your students, right now it is the most important night of their lives and it is your job to make sure they don't do anything they'll regret too much.

But while you and your fellow teachers are there as chaperones, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourselves too. So why not get a group of teachers together and hire a limousine to get you to your prom as an adult. While you may not have been able to hire the biggest or most accessories limousine for your own prom, or maybe you had no limousine at all, as a chaperone to your students' prom you can relive the night where students become adults, but are yet to shoulder the burdens that often brings.

Some of the other teachers have probably chaperoned a number of proms and so need a little encouragement to get into the spirit but in hiring a limousine for the chaperones, you are making sure that even the teachers enjoy themselves and when the teachers are having fun (while still keeping an eye on the students) then the students are less likely to feel as though the teachers are there to ruin their good time, and can enjoy the night.

Also, if you and the other teachers arrive in a limousine, dressed to the nines, your students will realise you are not so different to themselves, and just want to have a good time. In seeming more approachable this also means you are more likely to have students confide in you if there is a problem.

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