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Too Young for Prom.

It's hard being the younger child and watching your older brother or sister do all of the things you are still too young to do, especially when you see them getting all dressed up, excited and ready for their prom night and you have a night at home with your parents stretching ahead of you.

Well prom night may not be a night you have to miss out on, if you can convince your parents to hire you a limousine for the night too. You can hire a limo with a few friends and go to the movies, ice skating, bowling or whatever you choose to do, and you can have a fun night out while your older brother or sister is out at their prom.

Make sure that you mention to your parents that if they hire you a limousine from the same limo hire company they hired the prom limousine, they will probably be able to negotiate a discount for hire, because they are hiring a number of limos, instead of just a one off limo.

Now you are free to have a night out on prom night too and your limo chauffeur will be there to take you wherever you want to go, and pick you up when you are finished. You can enjoy the freedom of being out on your own without your parent's as chauffeur, and you can get the taste of freedom for when you prom night comes around.

Also make sure to point out to your parents that with you and your older brother or sister both out of the house, they can have a night to themselves without any kids. While they will be worried about their prom going child and the mischief they could get up to and the fact they their babies are growing up, your parents will also welcome the chance to get back their lives after spending so much of them looking after you.

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